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Educational constellations offer a clear systemic view of educational practice

A guide to neutralizing problems at school

The teaching experience
On request

Educational constellations help bring complicated issues

into motion.



They can be used to develop the pedagogical project of the school

or to test plans in advance.



Some explanation


Why should you plod on in problematic contact? Why bother with that file that can't seem to get resolved? Why would you keep walking around feeling uncomfortable? Why should you suffer from the loudness of your class? Why should you lose sleep over the seemingly unsolvable situation? The why questions are endless.


The answer is simple. It can be different. With educational constellations, you see the underlying dynamics that lie behind your why questions. That way, you understand what is going on. That's different from what you thought was going on. Your inner view of the situation changes by clearly seeing the underlying dynamics for you, . As you know, you cannot change someone else, but you can change your vision. It has an almost immediate effect on the situation in question. She moves. She evolves. The situation becomes easier to handle or disappears. The voltage field that caused an imbalance is neutralized.


Educational constellations require much less time than other solution methods, and the effect is almost immediately noticeable. They create color and movement in petrified patterns that no longer work. Schools, principals, teachers, students or parents get different answers than the answers they think they know.


The application possibilities of educational setups are genuinely endless. You can set up any theme at any level. They are used as an effective aid and policy tool that empowers you in your position, benefits the students, makes learning more accessable, improves school performance and improves cooperation between students, teachers, management and parents. Constellations are a valuable addition to the expertise that a school already has.


An educational setup is not a theoretical model. You can talk about it, but that's not enough. You must have participated to know how this method broadens your view and ensures movement and recovery. Together with other education professionals, we work on setting problems into motion or investigating new plans. An experience you don't want to miss. You have to be here. Is your school participating? Are you one of the pioneers who propagate this enlightening method in schools? Whatever function you perform, you deserve to do your work in a pleasant, calm, yet dynamic way. Don't miss this opportunity and be part of education's biggest yet loving (r)evolutions.


My goal is to make educational setups known on a large scale in schools and all places where children and young people work. Systemic knowledge brings excellent benefits and saves time.



What can you expect?


You can expect tailor-made guidance from someone who knows the field, with attention to the situation you wish to untangle knots. You end up in a safe framework that forms a good foundation for your question and the emotional process you experience. A constellation can be pretty intense, but afterwards you experience relief, you are more firmly in your shoes, and you see from a different perspective.



For whom?


For all levels. For all education professionals.


Management, middle management, teachers, students, pedagogical supervisors, education coaches, policy makers,...


For anyone who…


  • wishes to increase one's professionalism,
  • wants to use systemic insights for the functioning of the classroom and school,
  • wants to simplify complex problems,
  • works with children and young people in any context,
  • wants to see the challenges of schools evolve beautifully,
  • is a dad, mom, grandparent, aunt, friend to a child,
  • wants to make education more accessible,
  • wants to free oneself from limiting patterns,
  • who wants to work less hard and achieve more returns,
  • who wants to achieve tangible results,
  • wants to see pupils and students at their true potential,
  • wants to optimize the policy,
  • wants to move away from traditional solution methods,
  • wants to be part of a loving (r)evolution,
  • wants to put every person in his/her radiant power.



What can you put up?


Any question you have can be put up. Some examples can be found below.


  • stress,
  • demotivation in your class,
  • classroom management,
  • too much or too little personal involvement in your work,
  • bullying and truancy,
  • learning disabilities,
  • concentration problems,
  • operation of a professional team,
  • introduction of a new method,
  • restlessness in children, adolescents and adults,
  • too many problems following each other,
  • staff turnover,
  • testing decisions and possibilities,
  • personnel selection,
  • heavy emotions in children, adolescents and adults,
  • difficulty functioning, burnout, depression,
  • and much more…



What you take with you


  • an experience that contributes to luminous consciousness and luminous schools,
  • a release from heavy emotions,
  • a feeling of lightness,
  • a new perspective,
  • a palpable change in the situation,
  • a tangible difference in yourself and the others involved,
  • insights that contribute to luminous education,
  • a contribution to pioneering work,
  • a changing view of the current approach to children and young people,
  • a changing view of the everyday functioning of adults and children,
  • insight into what works
  • to do your job more efficiently,
  • the further unfolding of the solution movement in the months that follow,
  • more color and activity in your way of thinking, feeling and acting and
  • a look of joy.



If you want to learn more about how systemic constellations work, then the transformation trajectory 'A systemic look beyond stress at school' is what you are looking for.



What participants say


  • J (teacher): I understand that change in school happens from within. Then I start to glow. That's what I do it for. I feel relieved and thankful.


  • S (Glunderjuf): I look forward to what will come to our school.


  • A (Teacher): I have gained many insights for myself and others.


  • B (Glunderjuf): I feel rich to have done constellations with different colleagues from our school.


  • B (Lector): Unpredictable. Grateful for all the people who showed my emotions through them.


  • E (Care coordinator): When people step into their power, they can pass this on to the students without any problem. I feel grateful.


  • N (Teacher): I now strongly feel that teaching is still my place, despite the struggles. I am glad that more people are feeling in education. From now on, I'm going to love to teach instead of love to teach.


  • K (Director): I have new energy. Satisfying.


  • After this 'wow' teaching constellation day, I could feel the desire and fire burning in me again, and I was reminded why I became a kindergarten teacher. (Line Willaert - Teacher special needs)


  • The setup made visible the image I had formed inside me. Under Hilde's guidance, I faced my image and reality, and movement and softening arose. Afterwards, I felt a massive release, and now I can be present instead of constantly with my mind elsewhere. As a school director, the impact of my constellations and my being a representative continues. I have more focus and have learned to rely more on my intuition and my feeling. My worldview has expanded and becomes more inclusive as I have dared to face my issues. (Trudy Hogenbirk - schooldirector and coach)


  • I'm only responding now because I wanted to ensure the effect was permanent. I feel so much more grounded in teaching. I look better and can be stricter but also calmer. I am also clearer. (Bernadette Fryns - teacher)


  • Not unimportant, though! Last Monday, I worked again with the child I asked a question about. Very special! Our hearts could open much better to each other, and there was eye contact with this child for the first time!! She cooperated, and there was no resistance! How nice to have this experience. (Catherine Meerts - coordinator of special needs)


  • I have no words for the past educational setup. I especially feel deeply grateful for what was allowed to become visible, for my body that carried all this, and for the emotions that were allowed to be released. Last week I had my first real eye contact with the girl in my class who helped me see a piece of my puzzle. Touching and once again grateful. (Angelica van Hawersveld - Teacher)



Do you feel like more?


Are you interested in other workshops about constellations? Then the family constellations will certainly appeal to you.

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