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Towards a new intelligent group consciousness

How can I be of use in my environment and in the world?

The life experience
The spiritual experience
The teaching experience
Transformation trajectory

What is this mini-transformation process about?


Many people wonder about the meaning of their lives, how they gain insight into their mission and how they can constructively contribute to the well-being of their environment and, in a broader context, of humanity and our planet. The events of recent years have contributed to the search for and desire to find satisfactory answers. That is a beuatiful evolution.


Sooner or later the quest leads them to inner reflection and the control of physical, emotional and mental impulses that distract them from their life's mission. They become an increasingly pure channel that becomes available for the influx of spiritual power that inspires to continue taking further steps in a personal growth of consciousness.


It brings them closer to their question of how they can be of service to a world characterized by love. In this way, they come into contact with other persons with similar desires and who walk the path of consciousness. One begins to perceive that one's life mission is part of a greater whole, a broader plan in which each person fulfills their role.


Anyone part of a personal or professional group knows that it is not easy to create a harmonious group and find your ideal place in it. We can no longer continue to function as a group as we do now. Times are changing. A new beginning is underway. One where we all move together towards a new intelligent group consciousness for a world that lies ahead and calls us.


This workshop is a contemplative, meditative and energetic mini-journey in which we explore the intelligent cooperation of groups that serve to develop a world in which power, love and light are the leading tones. It's pioneering work.


This transformation process finds its inspiration in esoteric psychology. It invites you to go beyond your ordinary imaginings and connect with a vast field of consciousness.


We learn more about...


  • group understanding,
  • composition and development of groups,
  • working together from freedom and strength,
  • deal with events ahead,
  • sensitivity to group vibration,
  • evolution of group consciousness,
  • the control of physical, emotional and mental impulses,
  • allowing spiritual power and flow,
  • the meaning of service,
  • keep the mind in the light,
  • magical creative work,
  • inner groups and the connection with other internal groups,
  • relationships and sensitivities,
  • receptivity to new ideas,
  • group balance,
  • enrichment of and through group consciousness.



Where does group consciousness lead to?


Each group has a core in which different forces are at work. They can carry these strong forces better than individuals because the forces are shared. Groups that can keep their thinking in the light are receptive to new ideas. What matters is promoting group striving and enriching group consciousness. They can function as a unit and to connect with other inner groups. A core of characteristics emerges through united group effort that transcend ordinary groups. They create focal points of energy that have a magnetic pull for new psychology, medicine, education, education, politics, economics and religion. It can lead to an inspired reorganization of the world as we know it today. But before we get there, let's start with our mini-transformation journey.



For anyone who...


  • wants to live and work from spiritual awareness,
  • wants to be part of a greater whole,
  • want to gain more insight into the employability of one's life mission,
  • want to gain a broader understanding of what service is,
  • want to activate consciousness in the world,
  • want to discover the secrets of what an inner group is,
  • wants to apply the acquired knowledge in the groups in which they work,
  • wants to transcend the separate self,
  • wants to function from freedom, strength, integrity, unity, alignment and sensitivity,
  • want to experience the right place in a group  better,
  • loves pioneering work,
  • wants to connect with the evolutionary plan for the world,
  • is receptive to ideas from the Light.


This workshop is highly recommended for anyone interested in this subject and spiritual growth. It is recommended for professionals in education and everyone working with or in groups.

Practical information

Registration for this series is no longer possible. The registration period is over.

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