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Teaching by being

An essential step towards enlightening education.

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'If one teaches, two learn.

It gives you a different view of the teacher-pupil relationship.'

Hilde Van Bulck



Start the school year in a relaxed way with Teaching by being.



Dear teacher,


  • You know that teaching is a rich experience for yourself.
  • You know that your connection with yourself is an inspiring experience for students.
  • You know that if you are completely in the here and now with your attention, you have time left in your lessons.
  • You know that a good contact with your own body offers students safety to learn.
  • You know that equality increases the learning capacity of students.
  • You know that from a connection with your own heart, the learning capacity of students opens.
  • You know that your smooth breathing takes students beyond their fear.
  • You know that surrender increases the playfulness and creativity of your lessons.
  • You know that your authenticity makes students love you and therefore themselves.
  • You know that dealing with your students without any judgment gives the students wings.
  • And if you don't know that... then there is Teaching by being.



A word of explanation.



You like to be around someone who has a light, playful energy. Such teachers inspire their class groups. A light class group is a bliss to teach. But how do you do that? It's not difficult though.


Teaching by being is inspiring and motivating teaching from your total awareness. It is a training in which you learn to teach firmly with both feet on the ground and to apply the Wheel of Being. The practically useful exercises show you how to promote learning motivation in students and to safeguard communication from unwanted disturbances. The down-to-earth working method increases your perceptions and your creative intelligence, so that you are better able to adequately guide the student. In addition, your self-confidence as a teacher grows and your collegiality gets an inspiring push. By using your own wisdom you grow into a happy teacher who inspires others. Do you also want to know the secret to using your own wisdom as a teacher? Do you also want to achieve results as described in the book The stubborn frog or even better?



For whom?


For primary and secondary and for teachers in training.


For anyone who…

  • wants to turn on the light in education,
  • wants to shine the light in the children and young people,
  • wants to be a light-sharing adult for the students,
  • wants to impart joy of life as a teaching material,
  • wants to move forward with confidence and playfulness,
  • achieve better results with less effort.



What you can expect


A two-day training that gives you a head start at the start of the school year. We rest our heads and explore how we can teach from body awareness. We learn what impact our inner state has on the proper functioning of a class group. We integrate the eight axes of the wheel of being into ourselves to increase our inner security, learn to set our limits and teach from a loving heart. Your firm anchoring offers safety to the students, a necessary condition for a favorable learning process.



What are you taking with you?




  • passion for luminous education
  • trust in children and young people
  • trust yourself
  • joy and freedom
  • inspiration and commitment
  • connection with yourself and with your environment
  • self-confidence and self-esteem
  • inner peace
  • sense of collegiality, in your job
  • confidence in your abilities
  • inner firmness
  • joy of life and learning
  • creative intelligence
  • concentration and observation skills


What you learn for yourself is immediately applicable to your students.



Training days: 2  - Training hours: 12



'Students are the most finely tuned barometers imaginable. They detect every cloud, every raindrop, every storm, every high or low pressure area in the emotional condition of adults.'

Hilde Van Bulck



Do you need an individual trajectory,

then Pedagogical coaching is definitely something for you.



Do you feel like more?


Are you interested in other workshops that support your school? Then the 'educational constellations', 'A systemic look beyond stress at school' and 'systemic advise' will certainly appeal to you.

Hilde Van Bulck uitnodigen en boeken.

'Teaching by being' kan worden aangevraagd voor je organisatie, je school of je bedrijf via +32 493 24 75 47 of via

De eigenwijze kikker

Het geheim van lesgeven en opvoeden

Hèt boek voor bewuste scholen en vitale leerkrachten.

De tijd van aanmodderen is voorbij. Vanuit haar rol als transformator, directeur, leerkracht, ouder en oma biedt Hilde nieuwe oplossingen aan waar niemand aan denkt. Ze laat in heldere voorbeelden zien hoe we leerproblemen en moeilijk gedrag creatiever kunnen aanpakken dan we tot nog toe deden.

Wil je dat je kind gelukkig is en talentrijk schittert op school? Dan zetten we in op de eigenwijsheid om betere resultaten, prettiger gedrag en creatieve samenwerking te bekomen. De kinderen worden er blij van. De leerkrachten, de directie en jij ook!

De eigenwijze kikker is een boek vol doorleefde ervaringen en concrete oefeningen voor scholen in beweging. Het is geschikt voor elk onderwijsniveau en werd geschreven om volwassenen en kinderen te bekrachtigen. Dit boek is onontbeerlijk in elke lerarenopleiding.

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