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Hilde Van Bulck

'Bringing others to their essence is my essence.'

Awareness Architect
Facilitator constellations
Co-Director at Constellators International

'I combine many years of teaching experience with the experiential path I have built up in energetic consciousness. This makes my coaching work for teachers and school directors unique. In that combination, I have found answers that I now share with those who have similar questions.'

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Mission and goal

Global Living in Awareness

'Awareness is now'



How can you, as an individual, contribute to a powerful and loving world? We inspire our environment through every step we take in developing our inner leadership. The results inspire others who in turn spread it further in their family, with their friends and their professional contacts. Schools, organizations and companies have the possibility to ‘spread awareness’ on a large scale. It inspires the whole world. We strive for a collective consciousness in which all aspects of life are important values ‚Äč. This process requires (world)leaders who are willing to stimulate the collective development of their population to create a harmonious society. We are all one.




Striving for the perfect work-life balance is no longer an issue. We are now looking for a quality and a joyful life that gives us deep satisfaction in all the aspects of our daily life.




We reconnect with our essence and our authentic self. We express our life mission in a conscious and aware way. We don't do this alone. We are waking up on a large and global scale. Awakening and awareness go hand in hand and contribute to a more livable and loving world for everyone. We pass this on as a gift to the following generations.



Global Living in Awareness Academy expresses your inner leadership through different 'Experiences'. Experiencing being present from within is a different experience than an explanation in words. What you experience lasts and goes deep inside, shapes who you are and encourages others to grow their own inner leadership. The experiences challenge you to live the highest collective consciousness potential in the new world. Everything we need is already there.

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